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St. Jerome Croatian Catholic parish has begun an intensive focus on the Croatian youth of Chicago. In May of 1998, the Croatian American Alliance of Chicago was formed. These young intellectuals interested in life, work, history, and the future of their community hold meetings on Tuesday evenings, and they hope to generate interest in various aspects of the community through these meetings.

The goals of this alliance are many, but through hard work and cooperation, they will be accomplished successfully. Some of the projects already in process are:

  • connecting the youth with events going on in Croatia, as well as contacting the youth groups in Croatia
  • forming the "yellow pages" of Croatians living in Chicago and surrounding suburbs
  • inclusion in various forms of media, such as radio and television, where information can reach many
  • weekly meetings, which are both informative and educational in nature, where the members share their various backgroungs and skills with one another
  • guest speakers at the meetings who are experienced as historians, theologians, politicians, and in other disciplines
  • and finally, tying together the youth by forming an eletronic media mailing list.

Through this movement of the youth, it is certain that they will successfully lead the Croatian community into the new millenium. All those who would like more information about this group, please feel free to contact the following: (Marko Puljic) (Zoran Husner) (Fr. Jozo Grbes)


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