At St. Jerome Church

Since the apparitions began in 1981, millions of people of all faiths, from all over the world, have visited Medjugorje and have left spiritually strengthened and renewed. Countless unbelievers and physically or mentally afflicted have been converted and healed. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones, to investigate with an open mind and heart the events which are occurring in Medjugorje.

Vicka Ivankovic, one of the most popular Medjugorje visionaries, was the honored guest of St. Jerome Parish (2823 S. Princeton Ave, Chicago) in May 2002. Vicka had her daily apparition with our Lady in the Church immediately following prayer of the rosary. Holy Mass was then celebrated and afterward, attendees had an opportunity to meet Vicka personally.

This evening of prayer and spiritual uplifting was organized by the Medjugorje prayer group of St. Jerome Parish.

Vicka at St. Jerome's

Vicka at St. Jerome's


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