RENOWNED SPEAKER TIM STAPLES held a lecture September 13, 2002 in the School Hall. Mr. Staples is a nationally recognized apologist, author, and radio personality. He dramatically recounted with humor and passion his journey from Protestantism to Catholicism. After attending Jimmy Swaggert College, Tim gave up his pastorate in the Assemblies of God Church when he converted to the Catholic faith in 1988. Tim recalls how he once used his biblical knowledge to attack the Catholic Church, causing many Catholics to question their beliefs, until the day he ran into a Catholic who really knew and was willing to share his faith. That encounter sparked a two year search for the truth. Since his conversion, he has given hundreds of talks and helped thousands of Catholics find their way back home. Tim can speak extensively on every Catholic issue and is especially effective in apologetics, bible study, Mary and the Eucharist.  Here are couple of photos from that evening.

Fr. Jozo and Fr. Marko 9-13-02

Fr. Jozo with Tim Staples 9-13-02

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