An Evening of Prayer and Song 

with Tatiana at St.  Jerome's

During September 2001, since the awful tragedy of the terrorist attacks, we have gathered each week to pray for our country, its victims of terrorism, its heroes, and their loved ones.  Each time we gathered,  it was with a profound sense of loss, yet the assurance of our faith, and hope in God who loves us.  We know that we can depend on our  on Lord to help and bless us, especially in this time of grave need.  Our united presence before Him in prayer encourages us to overcome our fear and anger and replace it with His will for us to live in peace and hope.  In the spirit of this hope, a devotional evening of prayer, meditation, reflection, and song for the intention of peace in our country and in our world took place in our church on October 18, 2001.  We were honored to have as our special guest, Tatiana (Tajči), a talented and well-known singer from Los Angeles who frequently appears on Catholic television (EWTN) programs.  Many parishioners and friends of St. Jerome Parish enjoyed her visit here 2 years ago when she performed a program  in our school hall, featuring her beautiful music.  

Tatiana has used the gift from God of  her talented voice to create peace and happiness in the world.  Her music has been recorded on several CDs, telling the story of her conversion and praising the Lord.  The titles explain her mission: "Struggles and Graces", "From Communism to Catholic", "Now and Forever", and "Gifts from Above".  Here are some pictures from that special evening with her at St. Jerome.  Click on each picture to see it larger.

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