Dynamic Duo of Dubrovnik-Mario & Srdjan


Chicago had the special honor of hosting two world class Croatian musicians. Mario and Srdan, friends since childhood, were raised near the most famous street in Dubrovnik, the "Stradun", and grew up amid the sound of songs and the music of guitars. In the stillness of Dubrovnik evenings along the steps of the ancient walled city, they sang tender melodies of the sea and love, of yearning and suffering, of their city and beloved mothers, songs that bespoke of the longings of the heart and the soul of the city, woven of stone and freedom. Whether influenced by the sea breezes and traditional music or simply by the solitary sounds of guitar strings, they inherited and created songs and melodies that last through generations and transcend the passage of time. They carried this great love of music far from their beloved native city of Dubrovnik, yet it remains forever an inspiration for new compositions.

The International House of the University of Chicago, hosted these phenomenal performers for the first time on Friday, November 2, 2007. In a fine performance hall filled with lovers of good music, Mario and Srdan serenaded their fans with heartrending music from all regions of Croatia, and also with classic songs in English and Italian, providing a memorable and enthusiastic concert.

This concert was held to benefit the Croatian Catholic Radio of Chicago, which for 10 years now has been broadcasting the good news and sending messages to all who can be reached by the radio station.

Among those attending the concert were the Croatian ambassador Neven Jurica from Washington D.C., Croatian Consul General Zorica Matkovic, and Custos of the Croatian Franciscans, Fr. Marko Puljic, together with the Croatian Franciscan priests and sisters, as well other honored guests. This wonderful concert, although the first of its kind, left everyone wondering about the same question: When will we come together again like this and begin a tradition of entertainment that arouses such enthusiasm with its superb quality?


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