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Alumni Association: This organizations goal is to continue the relationship between our graduates in the years ahead. There will be a semester newsletter, a variety of activities planned throughout the year and fundraising for the students of St. Jerome School today. 

Home-School Association: Parent and School communication is an integral part of the educational process. Unless parents and teachers are mutually cooperative, the supportive environment for optimum learning is denied the child. 

Some objectives of the Home-School Association are:

  • To raise the standard of Catholic home life
  • To provide and coordinate parent assistance for the school
  • To promote cooperation and develop a relation between parent and teacher, leading to the intelligent training of each and every child.
  • Provide activities and events for the school.
  • Fundraising

In-School Parent Volunteer: In order to continue the good work St. Jerome School has done, your support as parent volunteers is vital. We need your talents in many of variety of ways. They would include the following:

  • Tutors (One on One)
  • Lunchroom Supervision/Playground
  • Chaperones
  • Office Help
  • Classroom Dads/Moms

Parent Advisory to the Principal: This organization was started in March 2002. It contains 20-25 parents and their goal is to advise the principal on issues that affect the entire school. They meet once a month and it is an advisory board only. It does not make policy. The principal will take their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions into account before making any policy changes. 

St. Jerome School Development Association: This Association will begin in the school year of 2002-2003. The purpose of this Association is to work on two aspects for the school: fundraising and recruitment of future students. Fundraising would be for capital improvements, technology, and instructional materials. This can be done through fundraisers, grant writing or cost effective programs. The other purpose is to build on the future viability of the school. Having a constant and strong enrollment will ensure the future of the school. This would look into areas of advertising, reasons for transferring of students, and sharing of community resources.

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