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What is the typical class size and student/teacher ratio at St. Jerome School? 

Class size at St. Jerome averages 15-20 students per teacher. Pre-school size is 12 students with a teacher and an aide; kindergarten classes are 25 students per teacher with a full-time aide. 

How is the religious education curriculum implemented? 

Religious instruction and prayer are a part of everyday classroom instruction. All school masses for grades 1st-8th and the Kg will begin attending in December. Children help prepare and take part in liturgy that is developed for their level. The pastor or his associate visits the pre-school on a regular basis. In 2nd grade, preparation for the sacraments of confession and communion begins. In 7th and 8th grade, students prepare for and take part in the sacrament of confirmation. A Family Mass for the entire parish is offered once a month.  

When are applications for admission to St. Jerome School accepted? 

Applications are taken on a rolling basis beginning in February. It is recommended that applications be filed as early as possible in order to ensure your childís place.

 Is the registration fee included in the total cost of tuition?  

The registration fee is $40.00 per student.

Besides tuition and registration fee, are there additional fees? 

In addition to tuition and registration fee, there is book fee of $150.00 per student. This fee helps purchase additional books. Pre-school book fee is $50.00 per student. There is also a $10.00 for the Family/Home School Association Membership. 

What is the priority for acceptance for students at St. Jerome School?  

Priority for acceptance at St. Jerome is as follows: 

1.     Children already enrolled in school and their siblings. 

2.     Children of parishioners. 

3.     Transfer students from other Catholic schools. 

4.     Catholic children of non-parishioners. 

5.     Non-Catholic children. 

Is there transportation proved to and from St. Jerome? 

No, but parents are eligible to file for transportation reimbursement from the State of Illinois if the child lives more then 1.5 miles away from school. 

What type of lunch program does St. Jerome School have? 

All students have the option of bringing their own lunch to school. In addition, St. Jerome School provides home cook lunch program. 

Is there an after-school program? 

St. Jeromeís extended day program is Monday thru Thursday from 2:15-4:45. There is a minimal cost for each day your child stays in the program. A snack is provided each day. 

Do students at St. Jerome wear uniform?  

Yes, children in kindergarten through eighth grade wear uniforms that can be purchased from Schoolbelles Uniform Company. There store number is 708-598-8008 and our school code is 1072. In addition, students are required to purchase the gym uniform. Students are able to wear their gym uniform on gym days only.  

Do St. Jerome teachers regularly assign homework? 

Yes, homework ranges from 15 minute per night to three hours per night. It depends on the studentís age and grade level. Homework is seen as a reinforcement of classroom study. 

Is there a Physical Education Program at St. Jerome? Do you have a gym? 

Yes, physical education is offered once a week for each grade level. The students go to Armour Square Park for the gym program. 

Tell me about some of the special programs at St. Jerome? 

        An Extracurricular Sports Program (Basketball, Volleyball and Bowling)

        Art class taught once a week by an art teacher.

        Music class taught once a week by a music teacher.

        A computer lab.

        Physical Education taught once a week. 

Are parents expected to raise funds for the school? 

Each family is required to work 3 Bingos per year; one at St. Jerome on Tuesday, 2 on the North Side Bingo on Saturday mornings. If you donít wish to work a Bingo a fee of $75.00 per Bingo is required in advance. A fee of $150.00 is required for any Bingo missed without prior notice. 


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